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" 0 peaceful soul, return to thy lord willingly and readily; and who-
ever desires to meet his lord, let him perform good works."

In this high state It is possible to behold the face
of God. There is another sect which asserts, that
the All-Just is visible; they say right; because the
rational soul sees with interior eyes: another sect
which denies the seeing of God is also right; because
he cannot be seen with bodily eyes,

" The eyes attain him, and attain him not."

But the soul which has left the narrow prison of
the body, but has not attained the field of its beati-
fying residence, unites, for taking a seat, with the
body of any one of the celestial spheres with which
it has some relation; it finds rest in the higher or
lower heavens, according to order and distinction;
it is engaged in the contemplation of beauteous
forms, and the noble endowments of one who praises
God in the delight of that sphere, which, with some,
means the fancy of a particular kind, and is blessed
by the enjoyment of delightful imaginations and
representations. What is stated in the code of law,
that the souls of the vulgar among the believers are
in the first heaven; this is founded upon the words
of the prophet.

" His acquisition is but a known place."

The meaning of this relates to the different de-
grees of merit.

By " Paradise" is understood one of the heavens,