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means a wall between heaven and hell, behind
which shall be those who in their conduct fell short
of goodness, until the time of being permitted to
enter into heaven. If the iniquities of the souls
predominate, then, descending, they assume the
forms of animals corresponding to their prevailing
character: thus, the souls of the powerful malefac-
tors and of the furious enter into the bodies of
lions; the proud become tigers; the formidable,
wolves; and the crafty and covetous appear as little
ants; in this manner they are all ravenous, grazing,
Hying, creeping; and this state of things is called
masakh, " metamorphosis."

" As often as their skin is burnt we renew it with another, in order
** that they may taste punishment."

*' There is no kind of beast on earth, nor fowl which flieth with its
" wings, but the same is a people like unto you. *

Sometimes, descending, the souls are united with
vegetable bodies; and this is entitled ra&akh, '' firm-
c< ness."

** Under the form which thy master wills."

Sometimes they enter into mineral bodies, as for
instance into metals; and this is named fasakh,
66 fracture/'

** We let you grow according to your acts."

The learned timer Khiyam says:

1 Koran, chap. VI. v. 38.