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said or done, a mark is made by them; and when,
in any one of them a repetition occurs, the mark
becomes permanent, as it may be assimilated to what
takes place in acquiring a knowledge or learning an
art. As the marks of good and bad actions of man-
kind are determined, so every body shares accord-
ingly pleasure or pain. Words or deeds, one by
one, being revealed and described, establish convic-
tion ; so that disavowal becomes impossible. This
is the office of two recorders, the one of whom
stands to the right and the other to the left; what-
ever of one's speeches and actions is praise-worthy,
this is called " angelic ;" and whatever is blaineable
is named " satanic," This is what the prophet of
Arabia said: " From goodness arises an Angel, from
u badness a Satan.79 The balance typifies the rule of
justice in the retribution of conduct, so that there
may not be any disparity; the basins of the balance
contain the good and bad actions; if the basin of the
first descends heavy, everlasting heaven is bestowed;
if it ascend light, hell.

" He whose weight is heavy, shall be admitted to a delightful life;
" and he whose weight is light, shall fall into hell."

Praiseworthy speeches and actions are the pro-
perties of dignity, steadfastness and peace of mind;
blameable words and deeds belong to perturbation,
doubt, and want of conviction; he who acquires
composure and dignity of mind, obtains the grace