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He lifts up die Immense veil before the light, as
then the contradiction, the mutual opposition, and
the unsuitableness of conduct which arises from the
sensuality of the body, vanish at the passing away of
the body; conformity and concord, which belong to
unity and harmony, manifest themselves; certainly
nothing of repugnancy and no sort of apprehension
remains.; the poison of serpents and of scorpions is
no more; the wolf associates with the sheep, the
falcon with the little partridge, and confidence be-
tween those who feared each other, appears;

" When the animals will unite;"

When there is no body, there is no death. This is
what the prophet declared: "-.On the day of resur-
" rection death will be summoned and annihi-
" lated;" he likewise said: " On the day of the last
" judgment hell will be made visible :

" Hell manifests itself to whosoever looks."

On no other day but this, hell, as it is, can be
seen; because one who is plunged in the ocean, how
can he see the ocean ? It is when he rises above
the waves that he can distinguish them :

" A spirit appears better on the border of an expanse/'


I have now given an explanation about the streams
of heaven and hell; the pleasures and pains during
the time of the soul's progress and regress. The
running streams signify life, which the celestial com-