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niuuity enjoys; milk is the cause of nourishment in
early infancy, and is more excellent than water;
because, although its use be at times salutary for alJ9
yet, in different circumstances, it is not so for all.
Rivers of milk signify rivers of knowledge for noble
persons; they proceed from the origin and develop-
ment of sciences, and from these rivers is derived
the enjoyment of the celestial beings, whose state
may be compared to that of infancy. Honey is the
cause of recovery to the sick and afflicted, and is
more excellent than milk, because its advantage is
reserved to a certain number only; and rivers of
honey in heaven are emblematical of rivers of noble
sciences; and the enjoyment of the select in heaven
is derived from these rivers. Wine is the cause of
the removal of terror, and fear, and sadness; and is
more excellent than honey, because it is prohibited
to the people of the world, and permitted and lega}
to the inhabitants of heaven; and it is a purifying
draught of the water of Paradise:

" Their lord made them drink a purifying beverage."

And rivers of wine in heaven signify rivers of know-
ledge, for the nobles, among noble personages, and
their enjoyment in heaven is derived from these

" There will be rivers of limpid water, and rivers of milk,
"The savor of which shall not be altered; rivers of wine
" Will be a delight to those who drink of them;
" And there will be rivers of purified honey."