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165   '

word, when written down, becomes a book; a com-
mand which is brought to pass becomes an action;

and this is, with these believers, the meaning of the
words: Run fa yakun.

" (God said) ' Let it be,' and it was."

The world of command is devoid of contradiction
and multiplicity; it is pure in its essence; butthe
world of creatures contains contradiction and multi-
plicity, and no atom of all atoms of beings is out of
the material world.

*' There is nothing fresh or dry but in the true book (the Koran)."

Besides, the world of forms and of perceptible
things is to be considered as the book of God, and
every thing as a Surah, " a chapter/' of the Surahs
of this book; the alternation of days and nights, the
changes and alterations in the horizon and in the
phenomena are the vowel points of this book; the
days and nights of this book, Surah after Surah,
verse after verse, letter after letter, follow each
other, as in writing the lines are read in succession;
thus thou proceedest, from line to line and from let-
ter to letter, until thou findest the meaning which is
hidden in the subject of the words and expressions,
until thou knowest and renderest evident to thyself
the purport of the book:

" We shall show our verses (of the Koran) in the horizon (every where),
" and in their souls, until it become evident to them that it is the
" truth."