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And when thou understandest the book and hast
satisfied thy desire, certainly the book is then closed
and put.out of thy hand.

" On the day on which we shall fold the heavens, as the angel folds
" the book—the heavens will then be folded by his grace, power, and
" strength."

And it was said, 61 On the right hand," that it may
be manifest, that those who are at the left can have
no share in the possession of heaven.

The change of the earth is thus interpreted, that
mankind has two states: at first a terrestrial body
and a heavenly nature, subject to the dictates of
passion and of lust; and in this state all creatures
are in the troubles of imagination, and pride, and
conceitedness. Then takes place the first blast of
the trumpet for the sake of rest, in order that the
terrestrial, who are subject to the qualities of the
body, and the celestial,who possess those of a higher
nature, may both of them become dead to the trou-
bles of imagination, pride, and conceitedness, unless
a few of the qualities of the former state remain
alive; as this, on account of these very qualities,
may be indispensable by the power of necessity.

" And the trumpet was blown, and all the beings who were in heaven
(< and upon earth were troubled, except those whom God willed (that
" they should not).

The second blast of the trumpet will be for recall-
ing all men to life, so that the terrestrial, who are