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endowed with the qualities of nature, may resusci-
tate from the death of ignorance and the sleep of
heedlessness, and rise up; that they may avert their
face from material objects and bodily pleasures,
which are understood under the name " world,"
and devote themselves to reasonable pursuits and
spiritual enjoyments, which are essential, so as to
know every thing in its real nature: which is

" Then the trumpet shall be blown, and instantly they shall resusci-
" tate, and see."

In this state, the body, world, and the nature of
reason and law, are broken.

" The earth was illumed by the light of his Lord; he placed the books,
" and he brought the prophets and the witnesses."

Then the earth of darkness shall be changed into
the world of light, and the heaven of nature into the
sphere of spirits:

" On the day on which the earth shall be changed for another earth,
* as well as the heavens; and it shall then be known that there is but
" one God, the Almighty."

The obscuration of the stars, and the extinction
of the sun's and the moon's light are interpreted,
that the stars signify the external and internal
senses, each of which is in its corresponding sign in
heaven; the spirit of animals and the light of the
moon are referred to the light of the soul; as the hu-
man soul has in fact no light of its own, but solicits
an abundant loan of it from the sun of reason, and