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diffuses it according to its own deficiency. It is said,
that when the human soul manifests itself, then
sensuality remains out of its action;

" When the stars shall be obscured;"

And when the light of reason breaks forth, then the
human soul also is dismissed from its action, and
when the benefited unites with the benefactor, then
an incomparable form shows its face ;

" He reunited the sun and the moon;"

And when the light of God shines forth, that is,
when " knowledge is infused," which is equivalent
to revelation, manifesting itself; then reason and sight
are removed from the action, which they call

" When the sun shall be folded up."1

There are fifty stations in the field of judgment :

" Present is the Creator and the master;
" At every station another question;
'* Whoever gives his answer with justness
** Shall reach his station with rapidity."

The stations are in their order as follows : five
external and five internal senses ; seven powers of
passion and lust; three spirits of nature, that is, of
minerals, vegetables, and animals; four humors;
three kingdoms of nature; four elements; eight
temperatures; seven forms of imagination; the other
four will be stated on another occasion.

1 Koran, chap. LXXXI. v, 1.