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The book of God signifies knowledge. As to the
last judgment and the resurrection of bodies, intel-
ligent men said, that each atom of the atoms of a
human body? which are dispersed, will be all col-
lected on the day of resurrection, and restored to
life, and at this hour there will be no question put
about any thing done, but what is come to us from
the prophets and saints, this we must believe. The
learned say besides, that the question is here about
the soul, which on the day of resurrection returns
(to its origin), and this substance is pure, and
does not require to be suitable to any dimension,
color, or place, but is independent of all these,
and on that account fit for sciences and knowledge
of all things; its extreme excellence is to be able to
collect for review all things from the first origin to
the last extremity, and to know that whenever it
attains that degree of perfection, it has returned to
the place of its origin; and this is the knowledge of
purity, which is remote from the defilement and
mixture of what is material. The learned assert be-
sides, that the night of power, " the night on ^hich
" the Koran was sent down," refers to the be-
ginning, and the day of resurrection to the place
to which one returns ; because the nature of night
is to conceal things of which few may have in-
formation, and the nature of day is to bring to
view things of which all may take notice. Further,