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heavens, and to the influences of the stars upon the
terrestrial globe.

*' Every external form of things, and every object which disappeared,

" Remains stored up- in the storehouse of fate ;
** When the system of the heavens returns to its former order,
tk God, the All-Just, will bring them forth from the-veil of mystery."

Another poet says :

** When the motion of the heavens in three hundred and sixty thousand

** years,

" Shall have described a minute about its centre,
*' Then shall be manifest what had been manifest before,
" Without any divergence to the right or to the left."

The great revolution with them, according to the
word of Berzasp, the disciple of Tahamiiers, is of
three hundred and sixty thousand solar years: that
is, as the motions of the heavens take place in a cir-
cle, their positions are necessarily determined; when,
according to that revolution, the positions of the
heavens manifest themselves so that from the conti-
guities, the adwdr and ikwdr,1 " the cycles/' the zatk
and folk, " the shutting and opening," from the
conjunctions of the whole and from the unions, all
parts of the phenomena show the very same neces-
sarily determined position, in its reality without
increase and decrease. In the books of the Persian

1 )!?^ 3 jb^ are t'3e cyc*es or evolutions of years, according to
which the astrologers pretend to prognosticate the accidents of human life.
Every adwar consists of 360 solar years, and the ikwdr of 120 lunar
years; the whole art consists in finding the combination of these years,
and their respective relations.