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manner, that its relation to this world of depravity
becomes of that nature as is our relation to our own
bodies : then its desire proves the cause of the acci-
dents ; it brings about what it wishes in this world.
On that account, all the learned agree on this point,
that, in every respect, the soul is of an extreme
ingenuity and sagacity, so that, of whatsoever kind
the knowledge may be to which it turns its atten-
tion, it renders itself master in one day of the whole
science, and the power of its memory is such, that it
recollects whatever it has heard but once, and, to
whatsoever object it directs its look, the soul will
give an account of it, of the past as well as of the
present. Another power of the soul is to know,
either in a dream or by ilhdm> " inspiration/71 an
event before it takes place. A further power of the
soul is, to discover the purport of whatever it sees.
All this together is the attribute of the soul. When,
on account of pious austerity and struggles in the
cause of God, one's sensual spirit is kept in due tem-
perature, it becomes like an essence of heaven, and

ilham, means what is thrown in a man's mind by way of

emanation,. or with the exclusion of diabolical suggestions; that is, not
by way of thought and reflection. It is also explained, a knowledge which
rises in a man's heart and excites him to action without his demanding a
a prodigy, or the investigation of a proof for believing the truth of what
is so revealed to him.  (Sec Definitions of Jorjdni, Ext, et Not, des
MSS., vol. X. pp. 76-77.)