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so many beauties in the eyes of pure reason, that
if an impression of these beauties was made upon
a sense, It was able to perceive those which have
been described, and the purport of the words :
" there Is no God but one God," appeared in a
determined light: that is he whose eyes fall upon
his perfections is removed from the darkness of
infidelity, and doubt, and worldly connection;
and in such a manner he feels himself fortified in
the certitude of the Creator, and attains such a
degree of virtue, that hereafter, upon whatsoever
creature he looks, his faith In God's unity will be
enhanced by it. And such were the charms of
the angel that, if one possessed seventy thousand
curls, he would not attain to his beauty; and such
was his rapidity, that thou wouldst have said, he
was flying with six hundred wings and arms, so
that his progress knew neither space nor time."
*' What he said came upon me, and he took me to
" his bosom, and gave me kisses between the eyes,
44 and said: c 0 thou sleeper, how long sleepest
u c thou ? rise !' That is, when the power of holi-
" ness came upon me, it caressed me, opened the
" road of its revelation, and exalted me; a certain
" delight which I cannot describe diffused itself In
" my heart, and transported me to devotion. The
tc angel then continued: c How long sleepest thou?1
" that is c why indulges! thou in the delusions of