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* 4 ' falsehood? thou art attached to the world, and,
u ' as long as thou remainest in it, and before thou
; * * awakes19 knowledge cannot be obtained; but I;
" ' from compassion towards thee, shall be thy
" * guide on the road.    Rise/   I trembled at his
" words, and from fear jumped up from my place:
" that is, from timid respect for him no reflection

* * remained in my heart and mind. He further said:
" Be calm, I am thy brother, Jabrfil;' thus, by his
" kindness and revelation, rny terror was appeased.
" But he unfolded more of his mysteries, so that
 fear returned upon me.    I then said: c 0 bro-
" * ther, I feel the hand of an enemy/   He replied:
" * I shall not deliver thee into the hand of an ene-
" 4 my/   I asked: * Into whose?'   He answered:
" * Rise, and be glad; and keep thy heart within
" < thyself:' that is, preserve thy memory clear, *
" and show obedience to me, until I shall have
"have removed the difficulties before thee.   And
" as he spoke I became entranced and transport-
" ed? and I proceeded on the footsteps of Jabrfil;
66 that is, I forsook the sensual world, and by the
" aid of natural reason I followed the footsteps of
" holy grace/'   What the prophet said : " I saw
" Borak upon the footsteps of Jabrfil," signifies,
the practical reason which triumphs by means of
the power of sanctity, and by its assistance gains
the ascendancy over this world of corruption: for