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from the heavenly intelligences proceeds practical
reason, which is the supreme king and assistant of
the soul, at any time when it may be required. It
is to be compared to Borak for this reason, because
it was the illuminator of the night, and the vehicle of
the protector, who on that journey wanted it: on
that account the prophet called it Bordk. And as to
what he further said: " It was greater than an ass
" and smaller than ahorse;" this means, it was
greater than human reason, but smaller than the
first intelligence. And " Borak's face was like that
" of a man," signifies, he had a propensity for hu-
man order and much kindness for men, as a family
by its manner and likeness among men has a bear-
ing to kindness and arrangement. What the pro-
phet stated of " a long hand and long foot," means
that his benefit extends to all places, and that his
bounty keeps all things new. What he stated: " 1
" wanted to mount Borak, but he resisted until
tc Jabriil gave assistance; then he became obedient
" to me;" this implies, I was under the influence of
the corporeal world ; I desired to associate with rea-
son; but this was refused until the power of sanctity
washed off by a bath the entanglement of ignorance
and the hinderances of the body, so that I became
pure, and by such means attained the bounty and
advantage of practical reason.

What the prophet further said: ta When I pro-