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" the mosque" Is understood the power of remem-
bering and praising God; by " one's Imam/' medi-
tation; and " the angels" mean the powers of the
inmost soul, such as abstraction, memory, praise of
God, and the like. Further," saluting them" refers
to the comprehending of all the mental powers.
Thus, when one wishes to mount up to the terrace
of a house, he must first have a staircase by which
he may, step after step, ascend, until he attains
the summit of the terrace; in like manner also are
these refined powers to be considered as ladder-
steps, upon which, the one after the other, a man
ascends until he arrives at his aim.

" And what the prophet said: When I became
44 free, I raised my face upwards, and I found a
46 ladder, one step of which was of silver and the
44 other of gold:"i this means, from the external to
the internal sense; ^gold" and '" silver" denote
the superior value of the one over the other.2

1  From the temple, the prophet was conducted by Jabrill to the rock
upon which Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son Isaac.   From them
rose a ladder to heaven; not only were the steps alternately of gold and
silver, but also, on one side shone edifices of emerald, and on the other
palaces of ruby.

2  Here Jabriil took Muhammed upon his wings and flew with him to
the gate of Paradise, which was guarded by a legion of Angels.   In the
first heaven he saluted Adam, who sat between two gates, and was look-
ing now to the right, now to the left; when to the right, he laughed, when
to the left, he wept; for the right hand led to heaven, the left to hell:
the first father's joy or sadness followed his children going to either side.