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What the prophet said: " When I arrived into
" the third heaven,' I there saw an Angel, equal to
u whom in excellence and heauty I had seen none;
64 placid and joyful, he was seated upon a throne;
" and a circle of angelic effulgency was diffused
" about him." This was the heaven of Venus, and
it is not necessary to comment*its beauty: it de-
notes gladness and festivity/'

Further: " When I entered the fourth heaven,2
* * I there saw an Angel, surrounded with royal pomp,
" seated upon a throne of light; I made my obei-
6* sance, to which he replied with entire haughti-
" ness, and, from pride and majesty, he bestowed
" neither word nor smile upon any body about
" him. When he answered my salute, he said:
" c 0 Muhammed, I see all things and riches in
" *" thee: glory and happiness to thee/ " That is,
** the fourth heaven/' the residence ofic this angel,"
means the sun;" he represents the conditions of
kings and great personages; his *' smile " is his influ-
ence upon good fortune;" and his "congratulation"
signifies his bounty for any body's prosperity.

'' In continuation: When I arrived at, and entered,
" the fifth heaven,3 I happened to have a view of
" hell; and I saw a black region, and, on its bor~

1  In the third heaven was Joseph, the ideal of beauty.

2  In the fourth heaven was Idris (Enoch).

3  In the fifth heaven resided Aaron.