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" ders was seated a terrific and dark Angel, who
"was engaged in the business of punishing bad
" men." That is " the fifth heaven, with its angel,"
signifies " Mars ;" this planet denotes the state of
criminals and of blood-shedding men; andby"hell"
is understood any account and description of the
conditions which are appropriated to them.

" Moreover, When I entered the sixth heaven,11
*4 saw an angel sitting upon a throne of light, occu-
iC pied with counting his prayers by beads, and with
" uttering benedictions ; he had wings, and curls
" set with jewels, pearls, and rubies. I bowed be-
" fore him, to which he returned blessings and
'' congratulations, and wishes of joy and prosperity,
'* and said:c I give thee perpetual blessing.' " That
is, " the sixth heaven," and " its angel," signifies
" Jupiter;" and he relates to persons of rectitude,
abstinence and knowledge; his ." wings and curls"
signify his light and rays; and his c< blessings," his
auspicious influence ; for he bestows great felicity,
and all sorts of good prooceed from him."

'' To proceed: When I attained the seventh hea-
" ven,21 saw an angel seated upon a throne of red
" rubies; not every one had access to him, but he
" who approached him found a kind treatment. I

1  In the sixth heaven appeared Moses.

2  In the seventh heaven, Muhammed saluted Abraham, as he saluted
the holy persons before-named, who returned his salute.