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<( made my reverence, and he returned an answer
 by blessing me." This is understood to be " the
6C seventh heaven, and " that angel" was Saturn.
He is averse to greatness; but, whatever impression
he makes is perfect and entire ; and when he shows
favor it is greater than any other; " every one can-
" not approach him:" that is, it happens seldom
that one falls in with a fortunate situation, but, if it
occurs, the happy result is such as to surpass all

" fn sequel: When I proceeded,LI arrived at the
<' heavenly mansion of the angel Jabriil; I saw a
" world fall of light and splendor, and such was
" the effulge'ncy that my eyes were dazzled. To
**. the right or left, to whatever side I turned my
" looks, they met with angelic spirits, engaged in
" devotion. I said: c 0 Jabriil, who are this class
" ' of beings?' He answered : * these know of no
46 ' other fixed business but praying, counting their
*' ' beads, and visiting churches.' "

1 Jabriil then conducted MuhammeA to his own usual residence. There
was the heavenly lotus tree (the tree of knowledge), around which a
divine light was diffused, and legions of angels were ranged. Beneath
the roots of the tree four sources were flowing: the first, Kawser, spiri-
tuous, like wine; the second, Selsebil, sweet, like clarified honey; the
third, the source of mildness, like the purest milk; and the fourth, the
source of mercy, like liquid crystal. Jahriil offered to the prophet three
cups, made of diamond, saphir, and ruby; the first filled with honey, the
second with milk, the third with wine. The prophet tasted the first, drank
the second, and declined the third, in which he was approved by the angel.