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Is remote from the world, wise, pure, and disengaged
from all ties, when he separates from the body, is
transported by God Almighty to the place and man-
sion of angels, and invested with everlasting beati-
tude. And the prophet assimilated him with angels,
because they are seats of purity and devotion ; that
is, remote from corruption and perdition, and from
the disturbance of sensuality,, intent upon avoiding
anger, and raised to the dignity of angels, perpetu-
ally engaged in the exploration of secret knowledge;
they likewise never look upon the nether world, be-
cause, the body being in conjunction with mean and
noble spirits, when a person fixes his sight upon low
stations, he becomes liable to feel the attaint of ne-
cessity, and to search for expediency among circum-
stances ; but when he effects his separation from
them, he attains the noble perfection of himself, he
becomes beatified, and immersed in delight and tran-
quillity, in such a manner that he never throws a
look upon the inferior world, because, this bodily
form being taken off from him, he then, by increase
of knowledge and comprehension, acquires dignity
and nobleness.

' Some are upon their knees, and some prostrate themselves."

Some are spiritual, some praisers of God, some
bent before him, some holy, and some purified
cherubim, conforming in customs, lords, and