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called " the Holy Ghost," and is said to be " a die-
" rub." Whoever has access to him and receives
his assistance, evinces himself as wise, and partici-
pates in spiritual enjoyments.

"And also: When I had set myself free from
44 saluting and questioning, I said: ' To arrive at
" ' this place I experienced much trouble, and my
" * purpose in coming here was to attain know-
" ' ledge, and the sight of God Almighty.   Grant
4t ' me guidance, that I may satisfy my desire, and
" 6 then return home.'"    That is: hy the pure
command, which is the holy word, he wished that,
as, after the study of nature, his inward sight was
opened to clear evidence, he might behold every
thing such as it was ; he wished that he might find
the absolute Being, the first cause, the self-existing
necessary Being, the supreme good ; and that he
might know his unity so that in him multiplicity
cannot exist. 1

" What the prophet further said: That angel
" took me by the hand,2 and gave me a passage

1 I followed here the manuscript of Oude, which reads :


2 From the mansion of Jabriil they proceeded to the heavenly taber-
nacle, called baitul mdmur, " the house of delightful culture/' and
formed upon the model of the ancient Kaba, which, during the deluge,
was carried by angels up to heaven and placed perpendicularly above
ihe modern sanctuary of Mecca. Seventy thousand angels were always