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'l Again : In that majesty I immersed my sense
" and motion, and found entire relaxation, content-
" men t and tranquillity." That is: I acquired such
a knowledge of his purity and of his beneficence,
as no living being can comprehend with his sense :
for he may have a clear perception of bodies, and
observe forms and images; a substance endowed with
a memorial intelligence conceives ideas; but the self-
existent, necessary Being is out of this category,
and cannot be understood by sense, imagination,
and memorial power; in his majesty there is no
motion, because motion is a change of existence;
but the self-existent necessary Being is such as to be
the mover of all things.

4 * The prophet said further: From fear of the
" Lord I forgot all things 1 had seen and known
" before, and I felt such an exaltation, inspira-
*c tion, and inward delight, that thou wouldst have
" said : * I am intoxicated.' " That is: When my
intelligence found access to the knowledge of unity,
1 considered and investigated the parts, and from
this study the rational soul derived such enjoy-
ment, that all the powers of brutishness and nature
desisted from their action, and such an immersion
into unity manifested itself, that there remained no
consideration for the science relative to substance
and bodies.

" Again : I felt some impressions of God's prox-