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pose of this voyage was, by the consideration of the
created beings to attain at the self-existent necessary
Being; and when he had completed his mental task,
he returned back into himself; he needed not a day
for this business, but in less than in the twinkling of
an eye recovered his former state; whoever knows,
understands why he went; and whoever knows not,
looks in vain for an expedient. It is not right to com-
municate these words to an ignorant or low person,
because the enlightened alone can enjoy this fruit/

So far the words of the example of the wise, the
Shaikh Abii-ali Sma.

In the book of the investigators of truth is to be
found, and from the tongue of the intelligent the
information has been received, that the moon is one
of the archangels, and cherubim of God. Being a
celestial body, he cannot be cleft, and the supremacy
of his power is not subject to absurd changes of
form, nor does he undergo them. Conseqently, the
fissure of the moon, which is mentioned in the Ko-
ran, is an evident allegory, the sense of which is
obvious; because every star and sphere has an in-
ternal foundation, called " reason," so that of the
moon among all bears the title of 4C superior wis-
Ct dorn." It is also established in the fundamentals
of the philosophers among this sect, that the .utmost
dignity and perfection of man, attributable to corpo-
reity, is that which unites and coalesces into one,