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" with superior wisdom;" whoever attains that de-
gree, comprehends also any other to which he may
proceed, without any new study for it; and no degree
of human perfection and no knowledge is excluded
from it. Hence, whenever this matter is under-
stood, the fissure of the moon typifies nothing else
but renunciation of the external for the internal,
which is the ** superior wisdom." As the lord pro-
phet (the peace of God be upon him !) is the master
of the lunar sphere, to cleave (or divide) the moon
means to attain to the innermost recess of the moon.
But this creed belongs to the learned of the Mashdyin,
66 peripatetics;" the Ishrdkian say, the true solution
of this enigma is contained in their fundamental
science; viz.: light is the type of the primitive crea-
tion of the world, and they divided whatever is con-
tained in it, in two parts: the first is a light, in
which there is not the least mixture of obscurity and
darkness, proper to corporeal matter; the second
sort of light can be mixed with some material dark-
ness. The first sort of light, pure in a general and
rearl acceptation, originates from primitive matter,
and, according to their showing, emerged absolutely
free from parts; but the second sort of light is mixed
with obscurity, and throws rays on all sides; its
knowledge can be comprehended by generalities
and particularities, whence by its power it passes into
action. In their metaphysics it is also settled, that