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202     '                    .     '

the furthermost stretch and connection of beings, and
the utmost term of completion, consist in this, that
knowledge, may become manifest in the whole by
generalities and particularities, so that nothing may
remain deficient In any degree of power. When-
ever this matter Is settled, then the moon in their
language signifies a mixed light,with this property,
that it brings into action all the knowledge hidden in
its efficacy, and by means of the reflection of rays
elicits perfection.

Whoever is well founded in these notions acquires
the faculty that all sciences, whatsoever they may be,
come forth from him. It is then the moon which
signifies mixed light, and the rending asunder of it
means the arising of sciences and excellence, and
their manifestation; that is, bringing forth all that is
within, by means of breaking its exterior form.

As to fixing the seal of the prophetic office, and
to completing the apostleship, so that after the pro-
phet of Arabia no other may appear, they said what
follows: The seal of the prophetic office means the
acquisition of dkl fad, " superior wisdom;" that
is: whoever obtains it, and makes the proper use of
it, possesses the seal of the prophetic office: because
the first prophetic dignity is his intelligence, which
is the real (intrinsic) Adam,** man." The prophetic
seal is the tenth rank of intelligences,1 and that

1 Sec page 143 of this volume.