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which is reared up by superior wisdom renders the
prophet's knowledge vain, and takes his color: that
is to say,if one hundred thousand prophets like him-
self realise in themselves the person of superior
wisdom, they are possessors of the seal, the last
prophets, because it is superior wisdom, which is
the seal, and they know themselves to be mahu,
£< effaced," and superior wisdom to be existing."

But the Ashrakian say, that the first prophet is
the majesty of the cherubic light, that is the first intel-
ligence, and the possessor of the prophetic seal is the
Lord God of the human race, that is, the intelli-
gence which legislates the human race. Further,
whoever found grace with the Lord of mankind,
and became his near attendant, his Kdim makdm,
" vice-regent," although the authority of such a
person be vain by itself as delegate, yet he, too, is
called the possessor of the prophetic seal (the last pro-
phet) : so, as Azizi said:

'* From head to foot, my person became my friend: hence, if I wish
" To see the friend, I place the mirror before me."

Kasam Khan said:

441 will in such a manner make myself one with thee, that if one day
•* Thou seekest thyself, thou mayest find me within thy tunic."

As to the interpretation of what they say, that the
prophet had no shade—this refers to an able son:
as after Muhammed (the peace of the Highest be
upon him!) the prophetic mission did not devolve