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of the Saids of Shiraz, but entered the elemental...
world in Irak Ajeni; he was skilful in sciences, and
lived as a chaste independent and pious man; like
Hirbed, he abstained from all sorts of animal food,
and sang the hymns which go under the name of
Shaikh Maktul, in praise of the luminaries, and
venerated the stars; and both these persons paid
homage with the sun^ refulgent with light. The third
was Hakim doslur, who in 1054 of the Hejira (A. D.
1644-5) came to Lahore. He drew his origin from
Ispahan, but was born in Balkh; he studied in the
service of the followers of Mulla Mirza Khan ; then,
having gone to Iran, he held intercourse with Mir
Muhammed Baker damad, with Shaikh Bahav-ed-
din Muhammed, with Mir Abiil Kaseni Kandersaki,
and with other learned men and Ulama of Shiraz,
not without great profit to himself; he attached
himself to the rule of the Mashdyin, " peripatetics/'
and repeated the prayers which were written by the
chief of this persuasion in praise of the self-existent
Being, the intelligences, and spirits, and stars; and
he was very zealously addicted to the worship of the
heavenly bodies; although without pious austerity,
yet he abstained from wickedness, and kept the way
of moderation; according to the custom of mer-
chants, he travelled a great deal. A fourth was
Kdnwdnj of Shiraz. He also followed the creed of
the Mnshaym; he possessed the natural and revealed