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ated to that star among the Brahmans and necessi-
tous, who all prayed to render the star propitious,
in order that the soul of Hakim Kamran might be
united with the pure spirits.    Hiishiar went after-
wards to Agra, and I saw a book in the hand-writ-
ing of Hiishiar, in which was stated, that he, after
Kamran's death, saw him in a dream  clothed in
a fine garment, and sitting by the side of the lord
Mashleri, " Jupiter."    Hiishiar asked him: " How
ci earnest thou to this place?"  He answered:tc The
" pure spirits, when they saw me free from worldly
tc desires, drew me to them, and by the aid of their
" intercession, I was made one of the angels."

The creed of the Hakims Hirbed and Manir, with
regard to the reality of inspired persons, was, that
these celebrated men were perfect sages, and mas-
ters of an excellent condition; by their words and
deeds they reached the state of perfection, on which
account they treated mysterious questions relative
to theoretical and practical wisdom with the confi-
dence of pure truth; but for the sake of the vulgar,
they used a typical and allegorical language, leaving
it to other sages, the able chiefs and saints of their
persuasion, to explain the law and the religion: this
is the creed of philosophers.

The prophets of Persia, such as Abad, Zardusht,
and the like, are called Vakhshur; the apostles of the
Yondn and of Rome are Aghdsd daimun (Agatho de-

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