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mon);l'Hewnes, and the like, whom they narne-
" possessors of fame;" the prophets of the Hindus,
such as Rama, Krishna, and the like, are entitled Ava
tars; and the prophets of the Turks, such as Aghrires
2todAghtirkhan9wre distinguished by the-name ofAbul-
mas. The prophets of Islam, from Adam, the father
of mankind, to Muhammed, are called rewl. In
like manner the prophets of other nations were
distinguished by titles such as buzerg, " great," or
sddik, " pure." They said: it is right that no other
prophet should come after the one : which is signi-
fied by the seal of the prophetic mission, that is, " the
" utmost dignity of mankind." Ibn Makand Sd-
heb-i-Mah Kashgher,2 also was reckoned among the
prophets, and such was the controversy which arose
about the head-khalafet, the distinction, prece-
dence, and rejection of the lords among each other,,
that it has not yet been brought to a satisfactory
conclusion. They said that there were four cele-
brated doctors ; if a controversy arose, this is no-
thing less than what is proper to mankind, as no
man can be free from the attributes of his race ; on
that account they abstained from reviling the case
of Moaviah, but they said that he was a great per-
sonage. But the creed of the Hakim Dostur was,
that the prophets of the Persians, Hindus, Yonans,

1  See pp. 103-106.

2  See pp. 3 and 80.