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he is represented in all these books, he is not unlike
a man who does not know himself, and at each time
gives an account of himself, which he varies, and of
which he repents. If they say, the real sense is the
same, the figurative expression and interpretation
only change, it is not less evident, that the books
and the prophets have been sent for the purpose of
leading men to God, and not to instigate them to
rebel; or, after having proclaimed his word, to com-
bat each other by controversy. He commands the
sacrifice of their blood and property for the common
good. And if they say, the servants cannot disagree
about the knowledge of God, why then is it written
in the books that they must know him in that, and
in no other way? and why do we perceive such a
contradiction in the deeds, and frequently in the
words, of the celebrated prophets? The intelligent
man can no longer recognise them by their noble

Somebody said to the Hakim Kamran: " Give me
ic in substance the belief of the Sonnites and the
4< Shiahs." He replied : " The creed of the Son-
" nites is, after the praise of God the most high, and
" the attributes of the prophet, blessing and mercy
" of God upon all transgressors and sinners, men,
" and women; and the creed of the Shiahs is after
u the praise of God, and the attributes of the pro-
" phet, the curse of God upon all believers, men