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" and women; and Muselmans, men and women.'9
And he had much to say about this subject.

Abu *l Hassan Takerani, surnamed Isfahan, son of
Ghdib bdig, surnamed Idtimad eddoulah, became a
follower of Kamran, by the persuasion of the friends
of the latter, as the author of this book perceived in
a letter, written by Rafid 'I Kader to Hakim Kamran,
in which the former declared himself the disciple of
Kamran, whom he called his master, and addressed
in a suitable style. Thus was also Zeman Baig born
in Arghiin, his father, a native of Kabul, was sur-
named Mahabet Khan, who, by his gravity, bravery,
and wisdom, acquired a high rank among the Omras
of the Indian Sultans. He was in a friendly con-
nection with Kamran, and in the letters which the
mighty khan wrote to Hakim Kamran, he showed
him great respect, and professed himself his dis-
ciple. It is said that, at a banquet, Mahabet Khan
declared the saying ^of the prophetic asylumó

" I was a prophet, and Adam in water and mudó"

to be without sense. Further, whoever acknow-
ledges the prophetic mission of Muhammed accounts
it to begin after the prophet's fortieth year, and who-
ever does not acknowledge it, is free in this opinion.
Muhammed said: "Iwas a prophet, and Adam in water
" and mud." Kamran went seldom into the houses
of this sect, and kept himself at a distance from
them. When, yielding to a thousand entreaties, he