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visited them, he changed his usual dress, sat only
a moment with them, and rose immediately; he
never ate with them,, nor accepted he any thing
from one of this sect. When asked upon his keep-
ing himself at a distance from them, he said: " The
" spirit of brutishness and savagery holds its mas-
" tership over you, and I cannot always associate
" with brutes and beasts of prey." He remained
even a long time without seeing them. But Abd ul
rasul frequented him, and, conformably to Kamran's
advice, detached himself from worldly desires, and
crushed anger and lust in his mind. On that account
Hakim Kamran, having conceived friendship for him,
taught him first the rules of grammar and etymo-
logy, then the Sherah Shamsiyah," Commentary upon
44 Shamsiyah j"1 besides the physiological part of the
Commentary upon Heddyah al hikmet, " the Guide to
" Science/7 composed by Hossain, son of Mdyin ed-
din Maibedi;2 further, matters relating to the Com-

1  Shamsiyah, lt the sun's course, ecliptic," is the title of a treatise
composed upon logic by Nagmeddin Ali Ben Omar al Kazvini, who was
a disciple of Nusir-eddin al-Tusi.   The said work is dedicated to Kho-
giah Shams-eddin Muhammed, perhaps one of the twelve princes called
Sarbedarian, who reigned thirty-five years in the town of Sebzvar, in-
Khorassan, and in other places which they had conquered.(Herbelot.)

2  Mailed is a town of Persia, the native place of Ka'zi Mir Hossain
Ibn Mdyin eddin, above-mentioned.    He is one of the commentators of
the work above quoted, which is divided into three parts, comprising
logic, physiology, and theology, and was composed by the Shaikh Asiv