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the sovereign being, according to their degrees and
stations,' but the real Being, under the condition of
no substance whatever, is distinguished by the name
martibah-ahadiyat,2 " degree of unity," and all
names and attributes are (as it were) consumed by
this degree, which the Yogis express by the title
hakiket d hakayek,* a reality of realities." But the
real Being, under the condition of all things which
are necessarily himself, according to generalities and
specialities, is called by names and attributes of the
divine degree, and this degree is entitled Vahedet-i-
mokam,4 " solitariness of station/'and jamaft,5 " uni-
" on." The real Being, under no condition of " a
" thing" (shi),6 and under no condition of "nothing"
(Jds/ii),7 is called huviyat,8 " essence, absolute being,
*' objectivity,'' and it is manifesting itself9 in all exist-

3     %  liiarl  vJU&Jia,.


4    *\JL    v


a substantive formed  from  js 9 hu, **  he is" (Yahu

9 I interpret in this place the word sdn' in the sense which is given to
it by the commentator of the Gulshen Raz, in a passage of that work
which will be quoted hereafter.