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They say, the names of the Deily contain the dis-
tinct forms in the divine science, and these are called
adyan sdbitah, ".fixed substances,"1 whether general
or partial, and these intellectual forms received exist-
ence in eternity without beginning,' by fayz,2 *' ema-
^ nation," from the essence of God endowed with
most holy emanation. Further, the intellectual forms
rise into evidence with all dependencies and neces-
sary consequences of the most holy emanation.
The fixed substances have a relation to the names

" planets, each of one thousand years, are attached to it} and the words
** of the Koran, speaking of God: " Every day he is in action, indicate
" it; because one day of thy Lord is equivalent to one thousand years of
is yours. Verse. 0 thou whose light manifests itself in the vest of the
" world, thy names are manifested in the nature of man; thy science
" shows itself by the science of (Muhammed) the seal (of prophets); thy
*' bounty is manifested by the bounty of hhatem (the seal). The divine
" names are distinct forms, which are called adyan sabitah, " fixed reali-
" ties."^Extracted from the Divan of All.)

1 The word in the text is Jj t, azl, which means duration of existence

during a series of finite times, and infinite on the side of the past, as
Jj j 9 abad, signifies duration of existence during a series of finite times,
and infinite on the side of the future.  (See Definitions of Jorjani, in
Not. et Ext. des MSS., vol. X. p. 39.)

- (j^3 is translated by Silvestre de Sacy " emanation;" and    <&
^JsiJJ! fayz al kudis, by 4i Emanation tres sainte (see Ibid., p. 66).

In common acceptation, fays signifies " plenty, abundance, bounty,
" grace;" fayz-al akdes means also " communication of divine grace made
" to angels, prophets, and other superior intelligences without the inter-
%< vention of the Holy Ghost."