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" universal judgment or decree (predestination)" is
the summary decision of the conditions of existence,
as the decision for the death of all mankind; and
Kadr1 is " the interpretation of that decision by
u determined means, and in consequence of results
" conformable to the faculties;" for instance, the
decision of the death of Zaid, on such a day, by
such a malady. Kasa, " predestination," is the
eternal knowledge concerning existences, and this
knowledge is dependent on the dydn sdbitah, " fixed
" substances." Each thing demands, by disposi-
tion, 2 a peculiar emanation of God.

The Sufis say, according to the sacred text :

*' God created man according to his image."

We have the power of acting on account of our
being the mirror of the supreme essence; if we say :
"The action is ours, "it may be right; and if we say:

** It is of God," it is equally true. The master of
the rose-bower says:

** Masnavi.   Recognise the mark of God in every place,
** Never place the foot without its own limit.
*' Whoever has a faith other than that of Jabr3

1  Upon Kas'a and Kadr see vol. II. pp. 352-353, note 1.

2  J>! Jj^-wl, istidad, " disposition," that is, when a thing possesses

the near or remote quality for action.(Jorjani's Definitions.)

3  The name of Jabr is common to several doctors of Muselmanism.
The most ancient of them is Abu Abd-allah Jabr Ben AM allah al
Ansari, a native of Medina, as it is indicated by his surname.    Jabr,