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" chapter of repentance:" The world is the image of
God, and he the soul and governor of the universe,
further he is the great mankind. The lord Maulavi
Jami, in the Nakd-al fas us, " the ready money of
" bezels," states, that there are two divisions of the
beings of the universe: the first consists of those who
on no account have any sort of connection with the
bodily world, in conformity to office and direction;
these, called Cherubim, are divided into two classes :
the one take not the least notice of the world and
its inhabitants, and are named " the great Angels;"
the other, although not connected with the bodily
world, are yet entranced in astonishment as wit-
nesses and valuers of God's power, standing at the
curtain of the divine court, and being the ministers
of the supreme bounty; before them is an angel enti-

" Pole of the mystic world." He. died in the year of the Hejira 638
(A. D. 1240), in his seventy-sixth year, and was buried at the foot of
mount Cassius, near Damascus, where his sepulchral monument is still
well preserved. He left, thirty-three works, which are enumerated by
Baron von Hammer, the illustrious historian of the Ottoman empire.
(See vol. II. pp. 490. 657 of the German work.)

The Muselmans in India revere, under the name of Mohi-eddin, a saint,
son of Zangui and Bibi Fatima, called also Shaikh Saddo. He lived at
Sambhal, in Rohilkunt, according to others, at Amroha, in the province
of Delhi, where his tomb still exists. There the devotees assemble every
year, on the llth day of the 2nd Rabia (the 4th month of the Arabian
year) and celebrate the saint's memory, by particular fatihas, ** prayers,"
addressed to him, and other acts of devotion.(See Mdmoire sur lespar-
ticularitds de la Relig. Muselin, dans Vlnde, par JDf. Gar tin de Tassy,
pp. 46-54J