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lied " the great spirit," greater than whom no angel
exists. According to another interpretation he is
said to be " the highest secretary and first intelli-
" gence." This great spirit (the blessing of God
be upon him!) holds the first rank of this class.
The spirit, who is called Jabriil, follows after him in
this legion.

" The rank which he possesses is a place known."

Another division is composed of those who have
connection with the bodily world according to order
and office; these are named "spirits, "also divided
into two classes:' the one are spirits who perform
their office in the heavens, and these are entitled
" the high angels ;" the other class are those who
perform their office upon earth, and these bear the
name of * * lower angels." Many thousands of them
are appointed to the human race, and many thou-
sands to minerals, to plants, and the animal king-
dom. The people of the revelation (prophets) say :
" There, where seven angels are not assembled, not
" a leaf can germinate from a branch ;" the seven
angels are meant to be seven divine powers. Thus,
the spirits of fire, who are called Jin and Si&tin,
" genii and demons," belong to the kind of lower
angels, and Iblis is their chief and ruler. The lord
ShaikhMahmiid Shos ten says, that Iblis is the power
of imagination, which the learned call 6i the mate-
*' rial." The Sufis give it the name of *' the founda-