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tongue of divinity, was a hadis.   The meaning of die

words " from JaMil" is this, that between these
two qualities (devotion and divinity), is a mind which
in the manifestation of divinity is giving information
from divinity, but in the quality of divinity there
is nothing intervening between itself:1 hence it is
said :

*' In love there is no message intervening:

" It was itself which acted as its own messenger."

The sagacious Sufis say, that what causes the
revelation of the original Being in the gradations of
divinity and in the wisdom of a book, and his
appearance in whatever form, is the manifestation
of his perfection, and this is of two kinds and in a
twofold degree. The first degree is manifestation
and exhibition in such a manner that whatever
' exists may prove complete, and this can take place
only in the completeness of form; it is man who,
according to the terminology of this sect, is indicated
by it, that is, essentiality, which is the union of uni-
versalities and particularities: it is said accordingly:

" There is nothing moist—there is nothing dry, that be not in the
" manifest book (the Koran)." That is: Every thing is contained in the

Without him (God) there is no strength; it is by

1 If I understand at all this obscure passage, it means: " there is an
" immediate connection, without any intervention, between the Deity
4 and man."