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him that every thing enters into the area of form
and evidence.

" Without thee is nothing in the \vorld;

" Ask from thyself, if thou desirest to know what thou art;"


" Every thing has an advantage, which, at the junction of its parts,
" has been placed in it."

The second degree is in the perfection of the
existence of forth-bringing and exhibiting; so that
every thing which exists, as it exists, is made to
appear complete.

The seal, or t6 the last prophet," in the termino-
logy of this sect, is a person,, to whom this office can
be appropriated, and from whom the great business
may proceed; but, in forthcoming it is not allowed
to him to be, in form/ all-sufficient in dignity, and
in showing this form in the world ; this is not con-
fined to a single person; but if this excellence is
manifested around, it is acknowledged as the seal of
dignity in this age. When this condition is esta-
blished, then, by the before-said interpretation, the
moon is said to be the symbol realised in this form,
because, in the style of eloquence, it is generally
usual to interpret the form of perfection by that of
the moon, and " to divide the moon," means in
figurative language to elicit thoroughly the sense

1 Suret signifies the sensible form of a thing; the figure with which it
is invested.