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in the sequel. The arriving at the heaven of Aid-
red, " Mercury," is the image of elevation on the
regions of cordiality on account of meditation on the

knowledge of God, as,--

" One hour's meditation is preferable to seventy years of exterior
" worship."

The arrival at the heaven of Zaherah, " Venus/'
signifies elevation of the upper angels, on account of
the delight and beatitude which are produced in the
interior by the love of God. The arrival at the
heaven of the sun is to be interpreted as the elevation
in the inner sense, on account of accomplishing the
precepts of the faith, and the promulgated orders,
which are derived from it. The arrival at the hea-
ven ofMerikh, " Mars," denotes the elevation which
may have taken place in. consequence of the war
made upon the spirit of fraud. The arrival at the
heaven of Mishteri, " Jupiter/' offers an image of
the elevation on account of purity, piety, and absti-
nence from any thing doubtful, which are manifested
by these steps* The arrival at the heaven of Zehel,
^ Saturn/' is to be understood as the elevation from
the state of spirituality to that of mystery by the
blessing of exertion and sanctity, by choice or by
force, which means overcoming a difficulty.

The arrival at Falek sdbetab, t6 the heaven of the
6C fixed, stars," is an image of the elevation by the
blessing of firmness in the faith, and evident proof