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of diligent permanency in good practices, and fidelity
in the love of God and of the people of God. The
arrival at Fakk atlas, " the crystalline sphere," is to
be interpreted as the elevation to the utmost boun-
dary of the angels by the blessing of interior purity,
and a heart free from all desire except that after

The remaining behind of Bordk, the arch, and Ja-
briil, in each station indicate the meaning, that in
the worlds of the upper spirits, and the empyreal
heaven, there are certain extents of spiritual facul-
ties, and limits of imagination, so that no body can
deviate from the station of comprehension, and

" The place of his acquisition is a place known."

The explanation of this is, that, as the elemental
body cannot deviate from the elemental world, and
the soul, however composed it may be, cannot make
a step out of the nether dominion, as well as the
heart cannot leave the outer skirts of the upper
angelic courts, so that the mystery never comes
forth from the middle of the upper dominion, and
the spirit cannot make a step out of the extreme ends
of the upper regions into the dalem-i-jabrut, " the
" highest empyreal heaven," and the hidden cannot
transgress the empyreal world. Hence proceeds
the sense of ghaib al ghaiyub, " evanescence of eva-
" nescences," the mysterious hidden.