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means of revelation and inspiration, that except one
there is no being, and this being is God, the glorious
and sublime; they were informed of the real state
of things from the beginning to the utmost- extre-
mity. In the account concerning the obscuration
of the moon, and sun, and stars, they said: that
stars have their meaning from the beginning of the
light, which is produced In the hearts of the Intelli-
gent and select; that the sun denotes the utmost
fulness and universality of light; and that the moon,
a mediator between the sun and the star/ from all
sides, spreads their tidings. Then the sun Is the
universal bestower of abundant blessings; the moon
is in one respect "a benefactor," In another respect,
44 benefit ted." As.often as the sun's light, which
Is the-universal light, manifests and spreads itself,
unity of light comes forth; the light of the moon
and that of the stars is effaced by the light of the
sun. From the beginning,' the prophet says,

" When the stars shall fall,

And In the midst,

" When the moon shall be obscured,"

And when the select associate with the bestower of
abundant blessings, that

" When the sun and moon shall unite,"
1 In theDesatir the moon is called " the key of heaven."