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found the fruit of their journey, and fulfilled their
desire, as is said:

" He who reaches the mount Arafah has accomplished the pilgrimage."

If they have not arrived in this land on the said
day, they have not accomplished the pilgrimage,
they have not become pilgrims nor fulfilled their
desire. If this matter be well understood, it neces-
sarily follows that the land of Arifat signifies the
actual earth of mankind, because all beings, hea-
venly and earthly, are upon the way of travelling,
until they arrive at the dignity of mankind, and when
they arrive at it, their journey and voyage is accom-
plished. If on this earth, which is that of the actual
mankind, they arrive on the day of Arafat, which
means the knowledge of God, they have attained
their wish at the Kabah, they have accomplished
their pilgrimage, and become pilgrims.

Hajj in the Dictionary, is interpreted kas'ed, " as-
" piring to," and kased, in the law, means the
house which Ibrahim the prophet (the blessing of
God be upon him!) built in Mecca, and, in truth,this
means the house of God, according to these words:

* Neither the earth nor the heavens can:contain me,but only the heart
" of the believing servant.5'                    '

Besides, the Mobed says :

" At the time of prayer the dignity of man is shown;
" Profit by this time, as perhaps fate may seize it."

The sagacious Sufis said: Every action of the