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his way, that the essence of all creeds is God, and
that of ail creeds of the sophists .is this:

u All shall perish except his countenance (that is God's); all that is
" upon the earth is perishable."

And the meaning of the verse of the merciful is,
that at a certain time he will be nothing, because on
that very day all is nothing; and this very opinion
is the principal part of the creed of sharp-sighted
men. In the takwiyat mdni, " the strengthening of
64 sense," the lord Ain ul Kazat, saheb-i zM, " pos-
64 sessor of delight/7 said that the mood of the verbal
noun is in progressive efficiency at all times, whilst
perdition of all things at all times is also constant,
but has no determined future time: consequently
this perdition, which is an indetermined tense,
does not imply that the contingent efficiency is per-
dition in a future time.

The Imam Muhammed Nur bakhsh stated, that al{
those who are reckoned to have seen God as parti-
cular servants near to him, have said the truth;
because the rational spirit, which means that of
mankind, is pure and uncompounded; on that ac-
count it is not prevented from seeing God, and those
who speak against the sight are also right, because
the eye cannot see the mysterious blessed Being on
account of his solitude. An investigator of truth
has said : Those who assert the solitude of God
are right: because the blessed Being is-solitary.