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of future events. There are many contradictory
opinions about the Illusive disappearance, which is
the annunciation of the tidings of an extraordinary
death. The lord Shaikh Muhammed Laheji stated,
in his commentary upon Gulshen-raz, that in the
histories and accounts before-said is to be found,
that Jdbilkd is a town of immense magnitude in the
East, and Jdbilsd a town of the utmost extent in the
West, opposite to the former.' Commentators have
said a great deal upon both. According to the im-
pressions which i, an humble person, have received
upon my mind relative to this subject, without copy-
ing others, and conformably with the indications,
there are two places; the one, Jdbilkd is dalemi-misal,
44 the " world of images," because on the east side
the spirits emerge into existence. Barzakh (another
name lor it) is between the invisible and the visible,
and contains every image of the world; certainly
there may be a town of immense greatness, and
Jdbilsd is " the world of similitude." Barzakh is
there the world in which the souls reside after their
separation from the worldly station, all suitably to
their deeds, manners, and words, good or bad,which

1 Jabilka and Jabilsa signify the double celestial Jerusalem of the Sufis:
the first is the world of ideals, which is the wall of separation between
the real and the mystic world; the second is the world of spirits after
the completion of their career upon earth.(See Von Hammer's Gulshen-
raz, p. 25.)