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they had made their own in the worldly station, as
is to be found in the sacred verses and traditions.
This Barzakh is on the west side of the material
world, and is certainly a town of immense great-
ness, and opposite to it is Jabilka. The inhabi-
tants of this town are gentle and just, whilst the
people of Jabilsa, on account of the wicked deeds
and manners which they had made their own in the
worldly station, well deserve to be distinguished by
the title of oppressors. Many entertain the opinion
that both Barzakhs are but one; it should however
be stated, that Barzakh in which the souls will
abide after their separation from the worldly station
is to the right of that Barzakh which is placed^ be-
tween the pure spirits and the bodies : because the
gradations of the descent and ascent of beings form
a circle, in which the junction of the last with the
first point cannot be imagined but in the movement
of the circle, and that Barzafch which is prior to the
worldly station, with regard to the graduated de-
scent, has a connection with the anterior worldly
station; and that Barzakhy which is posterior to the
worldlvstation, with regard to the graduated ascent,
has a connection with the posterior worldly station.
Further, whatever be the form of manners of the
souls in the posterior Barzakh, this will also be the
form of deeds, consequences of manners, actions,
and qualities which had been owned in the worldly