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the absolute being has two heads : the first is itldk
sarf^ 'c absolute excellence," and vahedet wafts,2
"unmixed unity;'' the second is mukayed va kasret
va baddy et^ " compass, abundance, and primi-
^ tiveness." This, according to the greatest num-
ber, relates to unity. Further is dkl-kulli^ " the
** universal spirit," which incloses all realities
which are (as it were) concrete in him,, and this is
called &rsh-irmajid>* ** the throne of glory" (the
ninth or empyrean heaven); he is the truth of
mankind, and between him and the majesty of
divinity there is no mediator according to the wise,
although some admit a difference. Sabjani said,
this indicates, that they wish no separation from the
Lord of grace may ever take place. Moreover, the
universal spirit, which embraces all realities in the
way of expansion,' they call &rsh-i-Kerim,Q " the
Cfi throne of mercy," and lawh-i-mahftiz,1" the tables
"•of destiny. " Besides, there is the universal.