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tened to wait on his person, obtained the object of his
wish, so that, whatever was established as certainty
among the theological propositions which he found
for the benefit of the travellers in the vast desert, he
sent it to Kachmir, where the lord Miilana shall
keeps his residence.

" Upon the whole, God spoke by the tongue of Omar."

Any questions of every one who interrogates are
asked from him, although they may fall from the
tongue of the asker, and the hearing of every thing
solicited comes from the asker, although he him-
self may not know it.

" All beings are one."

Some of this sect of Alides (may God sanctify their
tombs!) also believe that the progress of perfection
has no limits, because revelation is without limit,
as it takes place every moment; hence it follows that
the increase cannot be limited. So they say, If the
Siifi live one thousand years, he still is in progress.
Some of the ancient Shaikhs proffer, as a confirma-

year or thereabout. He was before this time in the Panjab, and might have
personally known Darashuko, who was renowned for his great learning
and most religious turn of mind. Besides what is said above in our text,
we know (see Mmoires sur Us particularity de la Religion musul-
mane, par M. Garein deTassy, p. 107), that Dara frequented Baba Lai, a
Hindu Durvish, who inhabited Dhianpur in the province of Lahore, and
conversed with him upon religious matters. The Munshi Shanderban
Shah Jehani wrote a Persian work, which contains the pious conversations
of these personages.