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lion of ihis statement, thai the Shaikh al islam,.
" the shaikh of the right faith/' said: There exists
no more evident sign of bad fortune than the day of
a fixed fortuile ; whoever does not proceed, retro-
grades. It is reported as the saying of the pro-
phet (may the benediction of the most High be
upon him):

" He whose two days are alike is deceived."

It was also said: " A traveller, who during two
44 days goes on in the same manner, is in the way of
" detriment; he must be intent upon acquiring and
" preserving."1

The greatest part of this sect maintain the same
doctrine, but, by the benediction of my Shaikh,
the crier for help in the quarters of heaven, the
teacher of the people of God, the godly, the lord
Mulana Shah (the peace and mercy of God be
his!), upon me, an humble person, fell, as if it
were the splendor of the sun, and made it'clear to
me that the Siifi. has degrees and a limit of perfec-
tion, that, after having attained it, he remains at
that height; because with rne, an humble broken

1 These are evidently sentiments conducive to progressive civilization
and perfection of mankind, and prove that, in Asia, even under the domi-
nation, of the Muhammedan religion, men felt that they are not doomed
to be stationary; thus the absurd dogma of fatality was, by a fortunate
inconsistency, counterbalanced by the dictates of sound reason. Unfor-
tunately, our author, generally so liberal-minded, appears upon that
point not to range himself upon the most rational side.