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individual, to remain at a height attained, is profi-
ciency, inasmuch as every state has its perfection,
and the perfection of a progressing state annihilates
the progress. This is also the meaning of the before-
quoted saying of the prophet; because there is
lute freedom with those only who are united with
bondage with those who tend towards God, andabso-
him, and the words " two days" refer to time. In
the same manner my master (the mercy of God be
upon him!) interpreted those words. The truth is,
that they have not understood the saying, and have
not penetrated into the interior sense of the figura-
tive expression : because the latter refers in truth to
the insufficiency of a contemplative man. And this
sense agrees with that of the following authentic
tradition of the prophet (the peace and blessing of
the Highest be upon him):

'* There are moments in which I am with God in such a manner that
i' neither angel nor arch-angel, nor prophet, nor apostle, can attain
" to it."

These words confirm his having once been in a
lower station. It is said that the prophet (the peace
and blessing of the most High be upon him!) was not
always of the same disposition, the same state, and
the same sort of constitution; but this is not so, but
from the same approved tradition it is evident that
the prophet (peace and blessing upon him!) was
always in the same state, and no ascent nor descent